The Cosmosis® Personal Spiritual Growth Mentoring Process

As you change your personal response to the people and situations you have attracted to yourself, your journey through life improves. It is very easy to measure your change because the people and situations pressing your buttons will suddenly appear to be acting differently, and your buttons won't get pressed in the same way anymore. This is because the relationship dynamics in your life are being transformed from fear based to love based.

As you experience the mentoring process more, you will become more aware of your feelings and they will become increasingly heightened. This is progress, it is a sign that you are ready to transmute all feelings - both painful and enjoyable - that you have been avoiding and denying.

Feelings are your soul's experience of the totality of your existence as a human being; it is the soul that feels. Everything you perceive - all of your sensations (physical/etheric and spiritual bodies), emotions and thoughts enable your soul to feel.

It is important to let go of anticipated outcomes in any transformational process, your innate healing intelligence decides what shifts first. Change doesn't always happen in the order or the way your mind wants it to occur. However, we hope you will be delighted with your accelerated growth.

In the beginning, you might only transform one layer at a time around a particular issue. Very quickly, you will gain the competence to release multiple layers at once and work at deeper levels.

Each person's experience of the Cosmosis® process will be personal and individual. Shifts typically become more pronounced as you progress with the mentoring process.

Alchemy is a process of transmutation. Transmutation is about transforming a substance/energy into a higher, purer and finer vibration - in this case fear into love.

Love and fear are not opposites; they are the same energy vibrating at different frequencies. Just like hot and cold on the thermometer are not really opposites, they are simply the same energy vibrating at different levels. Fear is not energised from Source or spirit; we keep it energised through our habits and choices.

The Cosmosis® process assists you to transmute any lower vibration energy into higher vibration energy. This alchemical process is the central tenet of Cosmosis®.

Any issue you encounter is there because you have a judgment. The steps are about aligning your bodies so that the energy trapped by that judgment may be released back to the correct place in the space/time continuum - which is at the precise moment the judgment first occurred.

When you judge something, you attach yourself to it and start dragging it along with you from one moment to another. This is why you feel out of place and things don't feel right because you are dragging misplaced energy along with you. You restore harmony by allowing the misplaced energy to return to its correct place in space and time.

This process is a conscious choice, and it is in your power to choose how your various bodies - tangible and subtle - resonate in all moments.

Cosmosis® is easy to use and does not require any bodily movements, tools or other props. All you need is yourself, the will to move beyond your present conditioned limits, and the desire to embrace more love.

A major focus of our training is gaining clarity. What does that mean? It means clearing out  old fear-based patterning and programming. This is the things we have taken on board, which have limited us in some way, and has kept us from seeing the Truth and from acknowledging the Knowing of our own hearts. In working on gaining in clarity, we regain our individual sovereignty, we are not controlled by anyone or anything external to ourselves. We are then free to hear the voice of our own heart, to hear our own Truth within, to hear the voice of Spirit and connect with our own creative Source.

Many people settle for mediocrity in life. This path is not for those people. This path is for those of you who wish to to seize the day and actualise the potential that you inherently hold within, as a human spirit.

As you work through the processes and lessons of this path, you will be uncovering the true you - your Authentic Self. This is the gift that you are then able to take out into the world and share with others. It is envisaged that you will be able to teach others clarity, as you lead by example, sharing your spiritual gifts and contributing to a world of unity, harmony and unconditional love.

Imagine a world where all people live in harmony, everyone on a voyage of self discovery - each supporting the other, lovingly. The Truth is prized and 'success' has a new meaning. Imagine a world in which the predominant thinking is in the spirit of "Let us co-create..." instead of "I want..." Imagine being inspired and inspiring. Through our training programs, let us co-create this new world of equality, unity and harmony, with courage and joy.

We understand it can be challenging to discern truth from illusion and to make the leap from the familiar to the unknown. To trust we are safe to explore new ways, to expand our focus and awareness, to see the world and all her colours with fresh eyes, and truly be a part of the transformation that is occurring right here, right now. You do have the courage within you to make this change.