The Cosmosis® Mentoring Steps for Personal Transformation

There are 10 steps in the process. Please appreciate that this is a very basic introduction to this mentoring process, if you want to apply it seriously, then the purpose is to get to experience, understand and embody each step as a process in itself on all levels of your being. It is not something that you head trip or just feel in your heart. Rather it must be a holistic experience - a way of being and living - which includes a fundamental choice and reorientation to engage in the culture of love in your life on all levels.

The 10 steps. (Mastering these steps is much more involved than understanding them on a head level)

1.  Align

2.  Centre

3.  Allow

4.  Feel

5.  Acknowledge

6.  Gratitude

7.  Release Judgment

8.  Re-choose

9.  Release

10. Harmonise

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing usually involves some conscious use of knowledge of the human energy field as well as specific techniques to address disturbances. Programs which are based on the medical model will have an assessment of the energy field, and techniques will be chosen that address the disturbances found. After the energy healing is done, the healer would re-assess the field to discover the outcome of the treatment.

What is Spiritual Healing?

Traditionally, spiritual healing is healing in which the healer is felt to be an instrument of the divine, allowing the power of the divine to heal through him or her. The healer acknowledges that he or she does not do the healing.  In a sense, the healer is only the instrument through which the person seeking healing surrenders to the divine.

COSMOSIS® Transformational Mentoring has aspects of both energy and spiritual healing, as well as involving training, mentoring, coaching, counselling, introspection and self awareness techniques.  The fundamental basis for Cosmosis® transformational mentoring is to embrace a working hypothesis, which states that we are all from the same Source, and so fundamentally are all aspects of that one Source.  Our understanding holds that it is self-evident that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected and inseparable.  And since our aura (the human energy field) interacts with others, as well as with this spiritual whole, so all of our actions, beliefs and throughout do affect that whole.

From this understanding, we choose to accept that we are all part of a greater interconnected benevolent being-ness, and learn to exercise healthy boundaries based upon a personal preference for ever greater love, wisdom, tolerance and contentment, through service to that spiritual whole.

The resulting attitudinal shift becomes the lens through which healing and enlightenment occurs. Within this process, there is an absence of the rather ugly dogmatic bias which characterises some other schools of philosophy and religiosity. The Cosmosis® personal development/enlightenment process is a systematic identification with this greater being-ness, which translates to greater understanding, wisdom and love. This then flows on into behaviour change, as we learn together to engage in a true culture of love, tolerance and wisdom. The more we act out of this understanding, the more we are freed from the ‘Thou Shalts’ we have been carrying around with us.  Ultimately, through dedication and hard work with this process of self-awareness and expansion of consciousness, we personally effect our own investigation of the ‘truth’. We learn to become expressions of our own Source on the planet, and to the planet.

The major potential pitfall in this process (or any spiritual process for that matter) is what I term the ‘more spiritual than thou syndrome’.  Spiritual pride - feeling you are ‘better than’ or more ‘entitled to’ because you are on the spiritual path - only serves to limit you to being so much less than your potential.

We by no means testify that this is the only way to enlightenment. It is but one way, which you may choose if it resonates as relevant for you.  It does give consistent and duplicatable results and we have a Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Naturopath and Holistic Counsellor on staff overseeing our training.  All of our mentors and coaches have fully government-accredited qualifications and most are multi-modality healing practitioners in their own rights.

Ten Simple Steps

The alchemical keys to self-transcendence, integrated ascension and self-mastery.

There is no such thing as good or bad energy,  When, however, energy is displaced within the time-space continuum and has none of its natural counter balances things start to go awry.

The plan for this planet is to create equality, where men and women of different races and religions walk hand in hand, honouring differences within sameness. The Earth has learned from the fear that has existed here for a long time. She would like to experience something else.

Karma is a balance between love and fear. Everything we do, think and feel adds to the total amount of fear or love on this planet. Persistent indulging in fear and victim-hood keeps us stuck. The degree of resistance we have to embracing, embodying and being the truth, is the degree to which we are attached to maintaining our condition, limit and fear.

The simple secret of Cosmosis® is to transmute something we just raise its vibration. This process is a conscious choice. When fear is loved hard it melts. Fear is just frozen love, a lower vibrational state of love. Cosmosis® raises fear through the conditional states of love into unconditional love and beyond.  Most ones on the spiritual path are apologetic about their light, fearing the possible consequences of fully being the light and sharing their love.  We have been conditioned from childhood to believe that to love ourselves is bad. There is no good or bad energy; there are simply choices and consequences.

We can simply choose how our bodies resonate in all moments.  We have the ability to be in control of our entire energy matrix in all moments, in of and for love, in service to all that is, we can raise raise our inner critic to become a supportive inner coach. Fear is not energised from Source or Spirit, we keep it energised through our habits and choices.

When the energy of joy is lowered in frequency we become less giving, more paranoid, more introspective and even depressed. We can experience hopelessness, separateness and victim-consciousness. If the energy plummets deep enough we can experience despair.

We use an enormous amount of our energy to self contract, self limit and self condition with our attachments and avoidance and denial. When we stop doing that we free up energy so that we can really make a difference and move mountains.

We can choose to resonate at higher frequencies where there is the quality of openness, a feeling of empowerment, connectedness, allowing-ness and an absence of fear.

“I choose to be liberated in unconditional love and non-attachment, so I may anchor and bring the highest and most radiant light into this realm. I now choose and will towards walking the talk as a human being, and being clear and bright in all moments”.

Step 1. Align

A lot of times we desire to know the truth provided the truth is ‘this’ or ‘that’.  This is different to just wanting to accept the truth unconditionally, without wanting to colour or change it. It is one thing to want to accept the truth as an intellectual necessity, it is another to really desire to know the truth.

When we emanate from Source and step down and out into form, we maintain a connection to Source. Our journey of return, and the ascension process, is geared around building an inter-dimensional bridge of awareness back to Source.  We build this through intention, and by embodying Source purity. This allows the ascension column to manifest, and from it we can feed the three-fold flame of love, wisdom and power within our heart centre.

Visualise and feel this as ascension column between your heart and Source, through all the levels of self and spirit, connecting you into the highest, clearest and brightest loving light.  Allow this column to ground through you into the core of the Earth, grounding your connection to Source and spirit presence here and now on the planet, fully present.

Call forth a personal, planetary and universal axiatonal alignment. Consciously seek that re-connection with Source to spiritualise matter.  Affirm and choose to remember that this is what you are about. Align with planetary plan and purpose, and your incarnational blueprint and ask for the Circle of Sirius to support you in your journey.

I AM affirmation

I AM, I Am All That I AM.

One with the universal mind, One with the Source of all life. I AM One with all life forms and they are one with me. I AM Love, I AM light, I AM truth, I AM peace.


I AM a conscious, concentrated point of living light within the macrocosm, through which energy is focused; and in, of and for love, I choose to love and love I will.


In that which I AM, I now call forth the protection and guidance of the spirits of love, light and truth from the higher mental planes and beyond; and I refuse all communications which originate upon the emotional plane.


In that which I AM, I now call forth and accept a deep penetration of the light of All That Is, thereby allowing a full and open radiation of my entire energy matrix, in service to All That Is.


Step 2. Centre

Feel and know yourself as a spot within the macrocosm through which energy is focussed,   a conscious conductor of living energy. Feel your grounding cord between your heart and the Earth’s heart centre, and keep your connection to the planet through your feet open, to maintain your connection with the Earth. Be in your body. Feel the flesh, bones, organs and circulatory system with blood coursing through it.  Feel into the heart and lungs area. As you breathe, feel the air going into the lungs, transferring life into your blood stream, bringing nutrients and sustenance to the cells.

Feel and put awareness into your heart centre to balance your expression of love, wisdom and power. See the pillar or column of light/love that extends way up through your head, crown and soul star (a centre of energy above the head), and reaches down through your Earth star (the energy centre under your feet), anchoring into the heart of Mother Earth. See all your bodies centred over your heart, and regularly flood them with violet transforming light - The Violet Flame. Call forth gold and platinum nets to move through your energy system, clearing all imbalanced energies.  See a rainbow of spiraling energy sweep through the physical, emotional, mental and lower spiritual bodies.

When we align, centre and clear the four lower bodies of our energy field (physical, emotional, mental and soul bodies), we begin to feel a sense of calm assurance. We create a smoothness and equalisation of vibration/frequency throughout these bodies. When we are centred and aligned, regardless of what’s going on in our environment, we don’t resonate in sympathy with any fear. We remain in the ‘eye of the storm’.

Aligning and centring enables our bodies and energy channels on all levels to ‘click’ back into place and be connected, allowing energy to flow freely again. We have to be aligned and centred, because misplaced energy might be in the mental body when it is meant to be in the emotional body. If the bodies are not aligned - and the dimensional states of each of the various bodies vibrating in harmony - we can intend to release misplaced energy and for that energy to go back to where it is supposed to be in space-time, but it cannot. This is because the connections are not all lined up. Our intention drives the energy, but if it reaches a block, it will end up stuck somewhere in the physical body. If we do that, a lot of organs will eventually break down.

Set an intention to be aware and remember that all our energy has an effect, and we are responsible for that effect.

Once we are aligned, and then release any judgment, energy will move back to where it belongs. If we hang on to the past, we will drag it along with us and it will slow us down. If we stop hanging on with our judgment and attachment, the past returns to the past and we are free to move forward. Healing occurs simply when displaced energy with the space-time continuum returns to where it belongs. When we align the bodies and open the channels, energy knows where it is meant to be, and it will move there naturally. If we stop hanging onto the energy - which judgment does - and let it go, it will just go home. Over time this process of healing removes faulty belief systems from the mental body, and disharmony in the physical body.

“I am aligned, centred, balanced, powerful and loving in each and every moment”

Step 3. Allow

Simply be. To allow is not thinking about being, or thinking about being a being. Allowance is an absence of attachment, striving and urgency. It is to allow the Spiritual Source within you to shine. In order to allow, we must be free from the desire of approval from others. If we desire the approval of egos, we will not allow truth and love to radiate from within to without. Our primary concern will be about the recognition and approval from egos around us, which has nothing to do with love.

Draw courage, and allow the love from within the heart centre to radiate throughout the four-body system.  Surrender to the heart any behaviour that does not express who we truly are.  Surrender thoughts of limitation or separation, any resistance, judgment and fear and allow the warmth of the heart to transform this energy. Rather than looking outside for approval or validation, surrender to the vast potential of heart knowing. Be open and love the truth. Be open to being a vessel for life, love and healing. Be the spot within the macrocosm through which energy is focused, and be conscious and aware of that energy. Simply allow yourself to be as you truly are, here and now, warts and all. Be open to failings and strengths.

The truth simply is and exists whether we want to acknowledge it or not. The Source within only resonates with truth, and is simply covered up with layers of untruth. This recognition sets us free from condition and limit.

“I allow myself to simply be as I truly am, right here, right now. I surrender to grounding love in each and every moment”.

Step 4. Feel

Feelings are the truth.  By choosing to acknowledge and integrate feelings, we have the truth. If we do not acknowledge the truth, we are left with only lies.

When any manifestation of fear comes up, we choose to know we don’t need it any more, it no longer serves us. We feel and love it, but don’t judge it or wallow in it. We accept that it is something we created, and now we choose something different. As soon as we stop judging it, no matter how intense, its stored energy will be depleted.

Feel into any fear within the soft tissues of your cellular structure, and the most intense long-term ancestral programming within the skeleton. Feel into any incident when you really admired someone, wanted to be like them, emulated them and later you realised they had a dark side.  Get in touch with and feel all that. It could be a step-parent you have had, a teacher... anyone. We all made choices to survive in a world of egos and have copied patterns from others. Give permission for anything that you have absorbed through giving your power away to others, to be felt and experienced. You may experience elation relief, joy, lightness, letting go or a release from allowing this feeling. Yet it is not about the phenomena or drama of feeling. It is about allowing yourself to honestly and genuinely experience it all, as it truly feels without expectations of how that should be. Embrace the whole feeling. Feel as you feel without judgment, and realise you are ready to choose something different.

“I feel as I feel without judgment” “I am the master of my programming and patterning”

Step 5. Acknowledge

Acknowledgment allows us to perceive our feelings and issues for what they really are, as well as see their effect on us and in our life.

Once we truly acknowledge our subconscious and unconscious fear-based patterns and programming and how that personifies and projects into our life, then we can disempower them. Our fear-based patterns and programs are not who we truly are, they are something we created. Once acknowledged, they no longer control us, this allows us to take responsibility for our part in creating these issues through our judgment. When we take responsibility, we empower ourselves. If we created the issues, we can un-create them. Acknowledgment allows us to transform fear energy into love.

“I have a mind, yet I am not my mind”

“I have emotions, yet I am not my emotions”

“I acknowledge how I feel and am. I choose to be the truth!”

“I, the creator of this dysfunction, am able to un-create it”

Step 6. Gratitude

Be grateful for the lessons we learn, and for the being we are and will be. It is important to release any judgment associated with people from whom we have copied patterns, or who we perceive as having ‘wronged’ us. They were and are in their own stage of growth, and carry their own set of issues.  Forgive yourself for wanting to emulate anyone who was not worthy of emulation. There is a huge gift in having the choice of how much condition and limit you experience. Be grateful for any realisation of weakness, in order to clear and transform them into strengths. Be grateful for opportunities to see the truth. Any realisation of an issue is an opportunity to heal and let go. Be thankful for the learning and opportunity to express mastery and to grow. Life challenges are the mechanism through which we are stretched and grow in order to actualise more of our true potential. People, circumstances, places, events that we could choose to judge are our master-teachers. Be really grateful to them for the teaching and opportunity to learn. Gratitude manifests abundance. Any blessing can become a disaster, and any disaster can be turned into a blessing.

“I am grateful for the experiences of life itself”

“Source is within All That Is, Source is within me, Source within grow strong”

Step 7. Release Judgment

Any memories of actions - past, present or future - which we judged as wrong or inappropriate must be released. We live in an age where judgment and criticism are taught and prized. Receptivity and qualities that nurture are not highly regarded.

It is important that we move beyond judgment. If we judge anything, we choose to not understand or have insight into it. But, for most of us, our favourite passtime is judging things; ‘this is right’ ‘this is wrong’.  Most people think that when they stop deciding that everything is evil, wrong or bad, they have moved beyond judgment. All they have really done is shift focus and decided things are good. Through inference, they are still judging things to be bad. Good can only exist in relation to bad and vice-versa.

In judging the conflict that currently exists between certain ethnic groups, races, religious orientations and ideologies, we create more conflict. you cannot win a war on terror with bombs and guns. You win a war on terror by winning the minds and the hearts of the enemy and so making them your friends. Judgment gives energy to that which is judged. What we judge, we create and become. However if we feel and empathise with those groups on a planetary level and feel - in our heart - ways that those currently conflicted energies could harmonise, we will then create more harmony.

The action of judgment is not just deciding something is bad, it is about sentencing anything within duality, right or wrong, black or white, good or bad. That dynamic distracts us from the real issue of being love in each and every moment. On the path of spiritual initiation, judgment causes us to continually energise a sense of self-righteousness, spiritual pride and the illusion of important work. Judgment is icy and heartless, it creates heaviness, and pulls the consciousness out of our heart centre into the lower chakras.  The more we judge, the more heaviness, condition and limit we create. If we pursue judgment deep enough, we create despair and hopelessness. It creates a feeling of being anchored and disempowered, instead of joyous. Joy has a freedom from judgment associated with it, a lightness and limitlessness.

Judgment is a choice and an activity, it is something you choose to do and put energy into.  In the same way you can choose non-judgment and put your energy into being love, compassion and joy.  It is not about denying the existence of your judgment, but about acknowledging it, stopping it, ceasing this activity and then releasing the value judgment you have been holding onto.

Release the judgment and exercise radical, total forgiveness and tolerance. It may be of oneself, an ex-lover, boss, parent, guru, mother, father, step-parent,  a sibling, a place a time, an idea, world events or an object.

It all just is.

“I choose to grow. In my intention to grow, I accept the truth, so that I can allow that which needs to be felt, integrated, transmuted and released”

Step 8. Re-choose

The old paradigm is about fear and control. We know about fear and suffering and we don’t have to suffer to be holy. Source does not want you to suffer. Choose the new, even if you don’t know specifically what the new is. We do know the new is about love and joy. Whatever ‘new’ you choose, make sure you feel it and know it to be real as it comes forth from within you.

The law of magnetic attraction is one of the immutable laws of this world; like attracts like. The future is not something that we move into it is something that we draw and attract into our now moments. The only time we can - or should - ever be is in the now.

Through our choices we set up circumstances, in every moment, magnetically drawing our future. We must own that we create everything we experience. If we adopt any victim consciousness, we can only create a fragment, at best, of our goal and purpose.

All fear we experience is the sum-total of the choices we have made on our journey through eternity to avoid and deny the truth. Each time we have a choice of love or fear and we choose the fear vibration by avoiding, denying, judging and experiencing fear - not being our best - we are effectively shutting down our capacity to love.

From the heart, choose to resonate with a heart-mastery (sacred consciousness) quality (see ‘Harmonise’ step for examples of such energies).

“I choose to release fear, judgment and illusion, to be love. I give permission and authority not to an external force, but to the Spiritual Source within me”.

“I am the cause of my attitudes, feelings, emotions and behaviour. I realise that every situation provides an opportunity to learn and grown. I now choose to recognise that I deserve love and so do other people”.

Step 9. Release

To allow our re-choosing to anchor and fill us with its new-ness, we need to make space for it. Allow any pattern or energy which no longer serves to be released and removed completely from your system. If it no longer serves, then you no longer need it. Let go of any attachment or illusion of need around the issue, feeling, the situation or people involved. Do not waste time or energy re-engaging with the old which no longer serves you. Don’t think about it. Simply let it go as you focus on and embrace the wonder of your new choice, with upcast eyes and a heart filled with hope. Let go of any attachment or preconceptions about who you are or should be, or what you can or can’t do. Allow the Source within to create its own knowing and have trust in that.

Once you have released the judgment, there is nothing keeping the old energy trapped in your system. As you allow the new choice to be felt and to become real, you are committed to letting go of everything within your system which does not agree with your new choice. Step into the new; and for this the old needs to be returned to its home in space-time.

“I choose to release all that no longer serves me”

“I release this energy which is not of me and return it to its original source”.

Step 10. Harmonise

Allow the new chosen sacred quality or energy of unconditional love and above to fill any place or space within you and the planet around you. Allow the new chosen quality to replace anything you are releasing. Become it, embody it, be it and live it. Some examples of Sacred qualities are hope, openness, belief, aspiration, truth, intuition, discernment, curiosity, loyalty, humility, knowing, honesty, integrity, charm, worthiness, courage, gratitude, unity, wisdom, flow, innocence, joy, serenity, patience, adaptability, illumination, mercy, harmony, compassion and acceptance.

Feel the power of love moving through you and restoring balance. Expand it within your entire being, ground it and make it real. This is who you choose to be, this is how you choose to express now.  See it, feel it and know it.  Allow the change to ripple out throughout your entire life and your entire sphere of influence. If you have truly embraced the process you will feel a drive to change your behaviour and/or way of being as a result.

“ I choose pure awareness, true consciousness, self mastery and authenticity, I choose,