All my life I have been wanting to open up and live what I sensed was the real essence of who I really am inside myself. I had somehow gotten all tangled up with false me's - I wasn't sure exactly how, but I had become bound up and constricted by something I was doing in myself. 

I worked in many spiritual self development modalities and meditation techniques for over 25 years, seeking a way to just be "me". Of all the practices, methods and processes I have tried, Cosmosis® has opened that door and let me make the real changes in myself which I longed for. 

I love the way with Cosmosis®I can feel stuff come up for me, and I can just release all the judgment which is holding it, and allow the energy of what I'm feeling to release and heal into a really appreciative, safe, and loving space with myself. This is really important to me both personally and professionally, because I want my life to be a healing experience, whatever I'm doing. 

I would recommend Cosmosis® to anyone feeling inspired to change and get in touch with living their most cherished aspirations.

Rupert Guenther - concert violinist, recording artist & professional development trainer


Cosmosis® has helped me move from a place of low self worth, lacking in confidence, feeling I don't really have anything of value to say or add to the world, into a person who now delivers workshops and speaks at conferences.  I don't feel the need to hide behind masks of who I think I should be, and I am discovering more authenticity each day, really in every moment.  To acknowledge the truth of who you thought you were, let go of all the old faulty programs and move into a new way of being is very powerful. You know something works, when your husband even notices the difference. 

Terrie Wayside, Dance Instructor


COSMOSIS® for me has been life changing, once I had learned the ten steps (which did take some time) and I was able to get past my egoic behaviours I could feel what was going on for me, what was triggering me, what was making me react instead of responding, why was I so angry and defensive and why was I so sad. As I came across issues and then applying the COSMOSIS® process the issues would go away. Some issues have taken longer than others which only means that I had to go deeper into the issue. Using the COSMOSIS® process has cracked into a core issue for me which is showing me why I have been so abysmal at relationships of all types and now it is so obvious to me what has been happening. Joy now fills my life as the issues one by one go away, I feel much more relaxed and calm and enthusiastic, things that used to set me off have no effect on me anymore

Dallas Broad - trainer


I have been practising Cosmosis® for about 4 years now. With more stillness and clarity of mind I have an increased personal resilience and a big reduction in anxiety & stress levels which used to rule me.  The Process allows me to let go of sabotaging thought patterns and tap into heart based decisions.  With an allowing of my true feelings, life dramas have lessened, and I am manifesting liberating outcomes for both myself and my family!  I am truly grateful for finding 'Cosmosis®' which is assisting to transform my life into a journey unbound.  

Jen Taylor, Bowen Practitioner


I find Cosmosis® to be a most valuable tool to have and be able to use in ones day to day living of life. Being a security officer, I have experienced Cosmosis® in helping myself clear thorough any triggers or issues within myself in the moments whilst on the job assisting me to regain my composure and to be able to respond from a more professional space of integrity!

Nigel Maloney, Perth, Australia


Nothing in my long life (I am 74) has been (and is) as transformational as this 10-step process.  Changing habitual emotional states is not an easy thing to do.  The Cosmosis® Process has allowed me to gradually peal back the layers and feel the difference over time. I have been using this Process for three years now. It was slow going to begin with, and sometimes still is, when a powerful feeling attached to a long-held belief comes along to be cleared. However, it is also a Process that allows me to clear as fast as a single breath. Each of the ten steps is a principle to live by, and as they are lived, they become immediately available for instant transformation of a negative emotion. Just learning the ten steps is transformational! I have had a tough history with much baggage to clear and a history of many attempts at clearing. I can recommend the Cosmosis® Process as the one that has benefited me far more than anything else I have done in my life. 

Carla van Raay, author of the bestselling book - Gods Callgirl


Cosmosis® keeps my wheels turning. Anytime I get stuck, if I pause for just a moment a word comes to me. It will be one from the process and as I lean into it it rolls into the next and I am flowing again. A tool of elegant simplicity and continuous unfolding,  it never ceases to aid me and offer me greater awareness and ability to grow with grace.  

Kaye Llewelyn, Artist, Zurich, Switzerland


Cosmosis® has become a shining light in my life, always present as a sacred gift, empowering me to heal deeply many emotional experiences accumulated during a full life. As a long time meditator I had learned to switch off, though this merely acted as a survival mechanism. When I began working with Cosmosis® I learned how to be fully present and grounded, acknowledging what I am feeling and then utilising the process to embrace, heal and transform my feelings into unconditional love and self-acceptance. This incredibly simple yet empowering process continues to unfold as do I into new beginnings, new potentials and an ever expanding capacity to love and live an even richer life of potential.

Lorraine Town, Success Spirit Mentoring & Coaching, Trainer & Assessor – Global Coach Academy,Executive Member – International Coach Federation Perth


Cosmosis® is a way of living, the application and practice of this transformational process results daily in an opportunity for me to heal and to become greatly aware of myself.  It is a process within which I am empowered to not be impacted by the events of my life, yet to be the one who can draw from within what I need to make and be the change I seek that is love and spirit centred.

Lisbeth Kinna, Perth


As a commercial attorney and partner in an A-V Rated firm in the United States, I have found the Cosmosis® process invaluable to my business.  As an entrepreneur and employer, I am clearer, more grounded and better able to meet the needs of clients and to wisely manage our staff.  As an attorney, I often deal with people who are angry, confrontational and upset.  The Cosmosis® process has helped me to maintain clear and appropriate boundaries, be compassionate and not take things personally while negotiating settlements.  I used to be stressed, anxious and overwhelmed at work, and this manifested as personality conflicts and tension between various members of my staff.  Now, I feel calm and filled with a sense of wonder and joy, and my staff works more harmoniously as a team with each person doing what needs to be done.  My firm is also more prosperous; money and new opportunities are flowing, and it no longer feels like a struggle to run the business. I am so grateful for the Cosmosis® process.  It’s opened up a whole new way of being for me that has changed my life.

Arlene Cohen Miller, J.D., Partner at Miller & Cohen, P.C., Longmont, Colorado USA


At the beginning of my journey Cosmosis® was a tool, one that I would pick up and use when needed, one that I often remembered to use in times that were tough going and I would feel better for using it, it took me back to a place where I felt more equipped to deal with life's challenges, it restored a sense of equilibrium and calm and a bigger perspective to deal with situations, troubling emotions or thoughts.  It enabled me to function better in the world.  

After some time of using this as a tool, I noticed a difference, it stopped becoming just a tool, it actually changed me at my core, rather than something that I would pick up it became a part of me, a new way of living my life, my way of looking at the world became permanently changed, to become more inclusive, more expanded, less judgemental to be in touch with a bigger perspective and viewpoint on life that certainly filled my life with more joy and love.  

It was a deep down shift, into permanent change, they weren't just steps to use, I was changed so that permanent healing could occur where in turn I would feel more of the love and wisdom that I already hold within me.  This tool both helps clear the way to get in touch with the wisest most loving space that is intrinsically within me and allows me to take everything I experience as an opportunity to become more than I ever thought I could be, to know and feel myself as so much more.   It became something that assisted me in being the best that I can be, and it became a living breathing part of being the best that I intrinsically am.  

The actual steps can also become an anchor, a map, when I feel something is off, when life is not flowing, when I feel dragged down or effected by the outside world I can check back in and use the 10 steps as a reference point to find where I may have lost some focus, where I could re-focus some energy internally to get back into flow, or feeling connected to something more within me. 

In studying more and more things, whether that be psychotherapy or eastern and western healing modalities, Universal truth and wisdom is Universal, and I see more and more the unity, wisdom and potential that lives within the process, where I go 'oh that's Cosmosis®'.  In applying this 'tool' it shapes and changes you to experience life in a completely different way, to be more of yourself, more in touch with that deeper loving compassionate wise being that we all are, it assists you to identify with that as being who you truly are able to deal with whatever you may feel, think or experience in your life.  

Claire Newman - Life Coach, Mentor and Student Psychotherapist, London


I’d been on the spiritual path a long time before I found Cosmosis®.  At least I thought it was the spiritual path, but now I see I was just doing a lot of going around in circles, accumulating lots of ‘knowledge’ and some interesting and certainly uplifting experiences but not making consistent ground towards actualising real change and expressing my potential as a spirit.  I see now that there was a lot of push pull going on with spirit, I had some major trust issues with myself and the world and lots of wounding that I didn’t understand, so I tended to give myself a hard time, which only tied me up in further knots.  

Finding Cosmosis® was the answer to a prayer. I’ve now been on a journey with it for over 3 years and I have so much more clarity, both within myself and in my relationship with all of life. I feel my heart and my life is opening and expanding, I’m feeling more switched on and I’m finding my place with spirit in the world.  I’ve healed many wounds and now I’m working to reclaim my self determination and truly get myself on track with where my heart has wanted me to go for a long time.  It’s happening and it feels solid.  I am so grateful for Cosmosis®, truly I feel blessed to be part of this work.  

Susan Goodwin


Ever feel like you’re going around in circles and ending up in the same spot in life?  That’s exactly how I was feeling after my last relationship failed, I kept making the same decisions and ending up in the same place, different scenery but the end result was the same and each time I felt like I had a lost a little piece of myself.

I have been working with Cosmosis® for four years now and in that time I have been able to rebuild my personal values, values that I held others to but had completely lost within myself.  I had completely devalued myself because of the scars I carried, I felt they defined me but I realise now that I define them, I honour them for the life I am living now.

Cosmosis® has really helped me break the cycle I felt I was running, I’m able to be more authentic and true to myself, without getting bogged down with the expectations of others but rather be in my own sovereignty.  I really feel like I am always embarking on the new and that’s a great place to be in each and every moment.

Antoinette Bozanic